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This week Nokia announced it is giving away files for printable case for it’s new Lumia 820 range. This is a huge step for 3D Printing as this is the first ever corporation of Nokia’s sie to see the ever growing 3D Printing industry and get onboard from a early stage. Online media and social media sites have been going off with this latest announcement – not only does it make for great publicity for the phone giant  but puts back confidence and trust to all it’s customers with 3D Printers. A big thumbs up Nokia!

Download the printable files here

Nokia’s original blog post announcement here & Feature image by 

3DCase STP File

3DCase STP File

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About the Author Blaz Robar

During work hours Blaz part owns and runs a web design studio in Melbourne, Australia. Outside of this his passion for technology and gadgets introduced him to the new world of 3D Printing. Follow Blaz Robar on Twitter

What do you think?

  • Blaz Robar

    Now this is really cool stuff from a corporate giant! What do you guys think? Good or Bad move by Nokia?

  • joshjanssen

    This is a great move by Nokia. It’s also a reflection on the type of user they want to see own their product.

  • Blaz Robar

    I agree @joshjanssen:disqus – I think we’ll see a lot more of this in the near futre – both large & small product manufactures engaging with the open source 3D Printing community. Can’t wait to see what the futre brings!