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The latest of open source 3D Printers Robo has just been funded on the popular crowd sourcing website ‘Kickstarter‘. The Robo 3D Printer boasts high resolution printing, affordable fully assembled machine purchase price and a large print area of 10x10x8in / 254mm x 254mm x 203.20mm.

Find out more about the team and the Robo 3D Printer in the below Kickstarter video.


Kickstarter Funding

With 38 days to go, the team have already raised over $54,000 dollars with over 133 backers putting their money where their mouth it. To help with the funding cause check out the Robo 3D printer here.


  • 5 Nema 17 motors -Sanguinololu
  • 1.3a electronics with Marlin firmware
  • Hot End with a 0.4 mm nozzle diameter
  • 100 Micron (.1mm) layer height
  • 30 amp power supply if you want to add a heated bed!
  • 22 Printed pieces in all
  • Expandable Y platform

Robo 3D Printer – image via Kickstarter

‘The low-cost, open source, easy to use 3D printer we’ve all been waiting for. Help bring your ideas to life, one layer at a time.’

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During work hours Blaz part owns and runs a web design studio in Melbourne, Australia. Outside of this his passion for technology and gadgets introduced him to the new world of 3D Printing. Follow Blaz Robar on Twitter

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  • Larry Chase

    Clearly, your machine has the most eye appeal of all. Congratulations upon your successful fund raising!