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Recently whilst browsing the apple app store I cam across a interesting app from Autodesk. It seemed to be a FREE program that was very similar to SolidWorks – which if you do not know is a fantastic professional level 3D modeling piece of software.

This got my attention very quickly! I’ve been waiting for SolidWorks to come to the Mac platform for years now and it seems that Autodesk Inventor Fusion is the perfect fit for the amateur 3D modeler like myself!

Autodesk Inventor Fusion

The software itself is just great from start to finish. Very polished and the interface is easy and natural to use. If you’ve used any Autodesk software in the past, you’ll be very familiar with Inventor Fusion.

The tools and interface are very clever and once you learn the basics, you can quickly and easily develop complex models and shapes with ease.

The documentation and video tutorials are in limited number online, but the Autodesk website has some decent videos for a starting point. There are also some really good video tutorials on youtube and vimeo (some shown below). This is understandable as the software has only bee out in the wild for 6 ish months so it will take some time for the tutorials to slowly come out by users and fans.

All in all this is the perfect software for anyone wanting to learn 3D modeling on a mac. I’m in love. Here’s the videos to do the selling!

What are you waiting for? It’s FREE!!! Check our Autodesk Inventor Fusion on the Apple App store here.

Inventor Fusion for Mac Interface

Inventor Fusion for Mac Interface

Autodesk Inventor Fusion Videos

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